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The perfect way to add interactivity to your web page

Now you can have your own professional quality board, completely customized and FREE, where the users of your web page or board may discuss, express their opinions and feel as members of a board that deals with their tastes, hobbies, etc..

Board features

Complete customization of the colors, headers, footers, background, fonts, margins, etc.

Several desings or themes to choose from. Choose between more than 60 different themes, with colors, backgrounds, different buttons. All boards will be different.. View galley

Complete administration of your board in a simple and easy way

Up to 256 user levels to define different user groups may be created, with a user group image, automatic level every xxx written messages, etc.

Each forum behaves as an individual board. You may define the levels to read, write, answer messages and edit or delete the user's own messages and to define moderators so that your friends or contributors take care of the administration of that part of the board

Forums or all the free access community may be defined. Any non-registered user may read or write on the board

Possibility to protect each forum with a password. If you forget the password, you will not be able to read, write, etc. even though you have the necessary level

Submission of private messages between board registered users

Possibility to incorporate a TagBoard on each board

Attached files. Your users may upload attached files to messages (documents, images, compressed files, etc.) and share them with the other users. Includes an image gallery of attached files with previews. Each board has a 25MB space for attached files

Powerful user administrator. You may delete, ban and change the levels of all your board users, either individually or as a group.

The IP and HOST of the person writing or answering the message is stored

Each user will have his/her own user profile where he/she will be able to define his/her signature, personal photo, etc.

Possibility to divide the forums per categories. You may create up to 256 categories on a board and up to 256 forums per category. The possibilities are endless!

Full control over messages, support for messages with smileys and mi@ codes (text in bold, italics, URLs, images, etc.) in order to make messages more atractive and clear

Short URL to have a quick access to the board using name.mboards.com

Your board will be displayed on the www.mboards.com portal, an index of all the miarroba.com boards, with preview, search, top100 boards, day's featured board. Another way to increase your board visits